First Bank Financial Centre is excited to announce that in 2020 we will be changing our name to Bank Five Nine. This evolution is not the result of a merger or acquisition, but rather is a strategic decision to raise our visibility in the marketplace.

We don’t look or feel like any other bank – why should our name and logo be any different? Our new brand is as unique as our organization, and we’re excited to bring Bank Five Nine to the communities we serve.

Our new name, logo and colors will allow us to stand apart in a crowded financial services field. We hope you’ll enjoy seeing the Bank Five Nine brand come to life online and in our branches in the coming months. As always, our mission is to Make Lives Better and we will continue to do so as Bank Five Nine.

Our logo in 1998
Our new logo for Bank Five Nine

01 Why change the name?

In the state of Wisconsin alone there are 22 banks with the word “First” in their name. That’s 10 percent of all banks in the state! Further, the evolution of technology has enabled our Bank, and others, to attract customers nationally. As such, our organization may now be mistaken for any other “First Bank” in the country. In an industry that is getting more competitive, the ability to differentiate ourselves is critical. It is imperative that customers and prospects alike are able to correctly identify us and our mission as a local, community bank.

02 What’s the meaning of Bank Five Nine?

When looking for a new name, we wanted something that would be unique to us. As we explored different options, it was clear that we needed a name that would honor our past, while being contemporary and memorable at the same time. While it was not an easy task, we are excited that we’ve achieved our objective.

We’ve been a proud, independent community bank since 1859. Our new name, Bank Five Nine, pays tribute to our founders who believed that they could help build their community and support local families and businesses. We hold those values dear today as well, as we live our mission to Make Lives Better.

Historical Bank of Oconomowoc photo

  We don't want to  
  forget our past;  
  we want to celebrate it.  

03 What does this mean for me?

Rest assured, the Bank’s Board, executive team, employees, and locations are remaining in place. “I commit to you that the organization you know and love is not changing,” said Mark W. Mohr, President and CEO of First Bank Financial Centre.

As a customer, the name change will only affect you in that you will see the new name on all communications, in branches, on buildings and signs, and around your community. No action is required on your part.

04 When will this change occur?

You will notice some items changing in the coming months and throughout the year. We plan to be completely converted to Bank Five Nine before the end of 2020.

05 Have you changed your name before?

The short answer is, yes! Four other times to be exact. We were founded in 1859 as Summit Bank with just $25,000 in capital. In 1889, the name changed to Bank of Oconomowoc. It remained this way for almost 100 years, changing again in 1984 to First Bank of Oconomowoc. The name seemed appropriate since the bank was, and remains, the oldest bank in Oconomowoc. However, as we branched out into different communities, it didn’t make sense to keep Oconomowoc in the name, so in 1998, we once again changed the name to First Bank Financial Centre.

What started as a one-office bank supporting main street in Oconomowoc has grown to be a $1.2 billion community bank with 14 locations and nationwide commercial lending capabilities. As we continue to enhance our services through technological innovation, our brand must evolve as well. As we have done four times in our past, we embrace an update that reflects our culture and allows us to achieve future goals.