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The bank’s second Oconomowoc location opened in October of 1994 on Brown St. In December of 1996, their third branch opened in Hartland. The Fourth branch at Shorehaven Tower Retirement Homes in Oconomowoc opened in June of 1996, and the fifth in Hartford on Summer St. in September of 1997.


In 1984, the Bank of Oconomowoc changed its name to First Bank of Oconomowoc. This was an appropriate name change since the bank was, and remains, the oldest bank in Oconomowoc.


On August 30, 1982, the Bank of Oconomowoc opened their new auto bank at its present location, 155 W. Wisconsin Ave, Oconomowoc.


In 1963, the Bank of Oconomowoc leased the Rand building on South Main St. and remodeled it into a TV drive-in auto bank. This was the first installation of a Diebold TV drive-in unit in the state of Wisconsin.


A new name, Bank of Oconomowoc, was taken on in September of 1889 and incorporated in November of that same year. During this time, The Bank of Oconomowoc had $50,000 in capital.


After surviving an unsuccessful burglary in 1868, Summit Bank moved to our former location at the corner of South Main St. and East Wisconsin Ave.


Today’s Bank Five Nine started as Summit Bank in 1859 with $25,000 in capital. Summit Bank was the community’s first bank, 15 years before Oconomowoc became a city. From 1859 to 1870, the bank was located at the site of the old Oconomowoc Library on North Lake Rd. in Oconomowoc.


In September of 1998, the bank changed its name again to First Bank Financial Centre, brought on by continuous growth into a variety of communities. Following this name change, the Hartford branch staff relocated to their current building on Bell Ave.


In October 1985, First Bank of Oconomowoc moved from its corner location to the current location at 155 W. Wisconsin Ave.