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Budget Friendly Winter Date Night Ideas

November 14, 2019

Read on for our budget friendly winter date night ideas to try during this chilly season with a friend or significant other.

  1. Dine in & cook together.  Put on your favorite music, dance around and start cooking. Make it a DIY Pizza Night or Pinterest can be a great spot to go for a new recipes. Another idea is to try YouTube for online cooking classes!  By dining in you’ll save money and skip the crowds. Want to make it really feel like a special date night? Dress up for your dinner!
  2. Cozy up to the fireplace together and accompany it with some snacks and a card game. Don’t have a fireplace? Replicate the peacefulness of an old-fashioned, wood-burning fireplace by searching “Fireplace for Your Home” on Netflix.
  3. Try indoor rock climbing. Find a local gym and try out climbing for a day. The average cost for a typical climb at an indoor climbing gym, is around $15 for a session.
  4. Host your own paint and sip at home. Most craft stores have inexpensive canvas sets.
  5. Buy a set, some paint and brushes and enjoy your own paint and sip night.
  6. Volunteer together. Whether it’s serving meals at your local food pantry, animal shelter or hanging out with senior citizens – not only does this benefit the community; it also costs nothing.
  7. Peruse through an antique store and find a new vintage ornament to hang this year. Bonus: It will forever remind you of the fun you had on the date.
  8. Play a classic board game in a local coffee shop.
  9. Go on a Groupon date. If you have nothing to do one night and you’re looking for something new to try, login to Groupon and see what you find in your area!
  10. Bowling! Who doesn’t love a little healthy competition? You’ll find that costs generally vary depending on day of the week and time of day. Weekdays before 4 p.m. are cheapest and weekend evenings the most expensive. (Remember to check Groupon to see if there is a bowling alley with a discount in your area.)
  11. Laugh together at a comedy show. Make it even more budget friendly by finding a standup comedy show on your TV at home and enjoy it with some popcorn.
  12. Make a cocktail (or “mocktail”) creation.  Hop on over to Pinterest and gather some festive winter recipes and put all those bottles that are sitting in your cabinet to use. While you’re on Pinterest, make sure to check out the Bank Five Nine Pinterest page!
  13. Do a winter activity! Go cross country skiing, sledding, or ice skating.

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