Can I self enroll in Small Business Online Banking?

Yes! Before you can sign into the small business online banking service, we need to establish a user profile for you. The Enroll Now page collects the information that we need to establish that user profile. To enroll in the online banking service:

  1. Access the Enroll Now page here
  2. From the Type of account drop-down list, select the account type for the account number with which you are enrolling.
  3. In the Account number field, type the complete account number of your bank account.
  4. Provide personal information as the form requires. As a signer on the business account, use your personal information to complete this process.
  5. Select Begin Enrollment to submit the information you have provided.
  6. Answer all four verification questions.
  7. Select Enroll.
    • In the New username field, type a unique username that you can easily remember.
    • In the New password and Confirm password fields, type a new password. Remember your password is case sensitive and must include:
      – Between 8 and 17 characters
      – At least 1 number
      – At least 6 letters
      – At least 1 special character
      – Cannot contain your “username” or the word “password”
  8. Select Continue.
  9. Select and answer three challenge questions.
  10. Accept all Terms & Conditions and you are taken to your Online Banking Home page.