How do I retrieve additional transaction history in Business Online Banking?

Transaction history is located on the Accounts page and can be found in a couple of ways.

  • Select the Account for which you are accessing transaction history on the Home page.
    • Click the More Transactions button to make additional transactions appear.
  • Search for specific transactions by Activity, Type, Amount or Check number in the Search Transactions option.
    • You may choose a specific amount/check or search a range.

Please Note: Three years of transaction history is available.

To search for specific transactions on the Account information page:

  • Specify one or more search criteria.
  • From the Activity drop-down list, select one of the following
    • All transactions
    • Current business day
    • Previous business day
    • Current activity
    • Last statement
    • Specific date
    • Date range
  • From the Type drop-down list, select one of the following:
    • All
    • Credits
    • Debits
    • Checks
  • Amount or Amount Range – In the Amount field, type either a dollar amount (for example, 75.00) or an amount range (for example, 25.00-50.00).
    • If “All” is selected as the Type*, the transaction search returns all transactions that match the amount criteria, regardless of whether the transaction is a debit or a credit. For example, a search for 75.00 returns transactions that appear as either 75.00 or -75.00.
    • You can optionally include the dollar sign ($) or the decimal amount (.00).
    • For searches by amount range, the search includes amounts that match the values or fall within the range
  • Specific Check Number or Check Number Range
    • Checking Accounts Only: In the Check number field, type either a check number (for example, 123) or a check number range (for example, 123-456).
    • For searches by check number or range, the search includes check numbers that match the values or fall within the range.

Select Search. Transactions that match the criteria appear.