Financial Literacy Month

They say knowledge is power, and we happen to agree. At Bank Five Nine, one of the ways we live our mission to Make Lives Better is through financial education. According to, studies show that:

  • 53% of adults are financially anxious
  • Four in five youths failed a financial literacy quiz
  • 27 states scored a C, D or F for high school financial literacy
  • Fewer than one in five adults is confident in savings

To help combat these statistics, we offer free, user-friendly, financial education modules on our website. No account or contact information is required to access these self-guilded tutorials either. You can simply visit our Financial Education Center to grow your knowledge, and your power, today!

Interested in an added incentive? How about $100!

To celebrate April as Financial Literacy Month, Bank Five Nine has put together a financial literacy quiz to test your prowess. All the answers can be found within our Financial Education Center. Answer at least 80% of the questions correctly and you’ll be automatically entered to win a $100 Visa gift card!

Take the Quiz

Bank Five Nine’s Financial Education Quiz begins on April 1, 2021 and consists of ten (10) questions total. At least eight (8) questions must be answered correctly to be entered to win the $100 Visa gift card. Quiz answers must be submitted by 5:00 pm CST on April 30, 2021. Winner will be contacted no later than May 5, 2021. Answers to the quiz are based on the information provided in Bank Five Nine’s Financial Education Center, and are available by contacting after April 30, 2021. Only one (1) quiz entry per person will be accepted. Applicable to Wisconsin residents only. Bank Five Nine employees are not eligible to enter. The value of this prize may be reported to recipient as income. Bank Five Nine reserves the right to change or discontinue this contest and refuse prize payment at any time.