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Decorating For Fall On A Budget

August 15, 2023

The temperature is dropping, the leaves are changing colors, and the pumpkin drinks are flowing. It can only mean one thing- the fall season is upon us. Along with drinking hot cider or pumpkin-flavored drinks, many like changing out the décor in their home for the new season. Changing out your décor to highlight a season doesn’t always mean you need to break the bank to make your house look festive. Here are a few budget friendly ideas to get you started.

  1. Bring nature indoors. For the ultimate hack to fall decorating on a budget, you can bring in natural color and decor from your own backyard. Utilize branches, pinecones, acorns …and the best part, they are free
  • Cut branches and stems to put into a vase.  In the summer and spring many individuals put bright green stems or flowers into their vases. Replacing them with branches or fall leaves with make your space feel in line with the season.

  • Put some pinecones into a bowl or basket you already own.

  • Fill a Mason jar or vase with acorns and add a candle.
  1. Continue with the Mason jar theme and decorate a few with chalk paint or twine (or both)!
  1. Google free fall printables and frame one to display for the season.
    (Tip: This is nice to keep mind for all seasons.)
  2. Display your fruit. There is something about the harvest season that is so well accompanied by fresh produce. (You can always do more than fruits as well, think veggies, gourds and nuts.) This is the best type of décor because you can eat it!
  1. Make your own throw blanket by heading to the fabric store and purchase a piece of fleece fabric in a fall color or pattern (make sure to check out the clearance section). Throw it over a chair and voila, you have a cheap, new season specific throw at a small cost.
  2. Do a little thrifting. Shop your local thrift store for some vases, candle holders, mirrors and vases that fit your space, or that you can update with some spray or chalk paint.
  3. Make a fall sign out of a small piece of wood and some paint.
    If you would prefer the help of a stencil, you can find letter ones on Amazon for less than $10.
  1. Add a fall candle, diffuse a fall scented essential oil, or add a fall smelling soap into your home. The sense of smell is the most important trigger of memory, so if nothing else, changing up the scent of your home will bring all the fall nostalgia you could ask for.
  2. Even if you don’t enjoy eating it (or do!) candy corn can make for a nice décor addition.  Hot glue a few candy corn pieces to the bottom ¼ of a unscented pillar candle to display. (You can usually find basic plain candle pillars at your local dollar store.)  Another idea is to use these as a vase filler, similar to the acorn method listed above, or even make a wreath!
  3. Pumpkins. Big, small, fake or real pumpkins- no matter which version you go for, they will bring the sense of fall into your space.  When on a budget, faux may be the route to go if you are displaying them in your home, as you can use these from year to year.

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