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Budget Friendly Activities To Do This Summer

June 5, 2019

Budget friendly activities to do in Wisconsin

After the long and cold Midwest winters, there is no doubt that the summertime is something we all look forward to in Wisconsin. The weather is finally warm and there are a lot of fun budget friendly things to do! Keep reading to hear some of our favorites!

Farmers Market
These are fun places to walk around, try samples, and maybe make a local purchase.  A good idea is to give yourself a budget and stick to it by bringing that certain amount in cash.  This activity also supports your local economy and farmers. Another bonus is that most of the time, the organic fruits and veggies are cheaper than you would find at the grocery store.  Did you know? The Oconomowoc Farmer’s Market takes place in our Corporate lot on Saturday mornings during the Summer. Stop by, say hi, and get a free Bank Five Nine grocery tote!  
Not sure where you’re nearest farmers market is? Do a Google search for: “farmers market near me”. 

Free Local Events
As a community bank, Bank Five Nine sponsors many local events, and know there are some pretty awesome ones available. Check out your chamber of commerce website, to see what events are available in your neighborhood. If you are near a Bank Five Nine community, check out our event calendar here.

Throw a bonfire bash at the park or even in your own backyard. Serve up s’mores and tell stories around the campfire. Take a look at the below for some fun additional combinations for an ‘out of the box’ s’more:

  • Classic: Graham crackers, milk chocolate and marshmallow
  • Cookies and Crème: Graham crackers, Hershey’s cookies and crème chocolate, marshmallow
  • The Nutty Butty:  Graham crackers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and marshmallow
  • Grasshopper: Graham crackers, Andes candies chocolate and marshmallow
  • Strawberries and Crème:  Graham crackers, white chocolate and strawberry marshmallow

Rummage Sales
Summer is a great time for rummage sales. Drive around and hit up some of the great deals.  Otherwise, host your own! A garage sale doesn’t normally scream “exciting”, but it can turn out to be a great family affair. Clean out those closets! Bonus: If the garage sale goes well, everyone will have extra money in their pockets. (Tip: If you have kids, this is a great chance for them to also learn about money. Have them host a lemonade stand next to the garage sale or have them help count change when purchases are made on their items.) Here are some additional tips on how to host a successful yard sale.

Local Parks and Beaches
Enjoy your local park or beach. You can relax with a book, take a walk, play a game or have a little picnic.  If your local park has them, you can also rent a kayak or a bike.

Nature Trails
Speaking of bikes…visit a close by nature trail and go for a bike ride or a hike. Make sure to bring water and a small snack along! Have kids? Use this as an opportunity to have some additional fun and create a scavenger hunt.

Local Library
Most libraries have fun activities planned all summer long including reading contests and author events. These are all generally free to participate in making for a great thing to do while on a budget.

Outdoor Movies
Many cities and towns will offer free movies at dusk during the summer in a local park.  (Make sure to pack a big blanket, some chairs and a snack!)

Try Out a New Recipe
Summertime is all about the BBQ’s! Make sure to check out Bank Five Nine’s favorite budget friendly BBQ recipe section here!

Do-It-Yourself Project
There are so many great examples of DIY’s on Pinterest or out on the world wide web.  Maybe you’ll find a small side table that could be painted to look brand new, or you found some fun discounted arts and crafts supplies at a store. Summertime is the perfect time to do a DIY outside!

Example of a budget friendly DIY:  Get creative with a shipping pallet.
Wooden pallets can be transformed into all sorts of fun summertime projects. Some examples of things you could create include a coffee table, a garden walkway, a portable herb garden, the list goes on and on.  Many business give away spare pallets for free too!

Image 1: Funky Junk Interiors  | Image 2: Good Housekeeping

Have a fun budget friendly summer activity you feel could be added to this list?
Email us.

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