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Fun Games to Teach Kids About Money

March 27, 2023

Teaching children about money is an important part of their financial education. One way to make learning about money fun is through playing games. Here are some fun money games for kids that can help teach them about financial literacy:

Monopoly Junior: This classic board game has a junior version that is perfect for younger children. It teaches them about money management, budgeting, and basic math skills. Monopoly has a bunch of themed game boards too!

The Game of Life: This board game simulates life events and teaches children about financial planning, decision-making, and risk management.

Money Bingo: Create a bingo card with different denominations of money and have children match them to actual coins and bills.

Savings Scavenger Hunt: Hide coins or bills around the house or yard and have children search for them. Once they find them, encourage them to save the money in a piggy bank or savings account.

Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt: Take children to the grocery store and challenge them to find the best deals and bargains. This will help them learn about comparison shopping and making smart purchasing decisions.

Lemonade Stand: Help children set up a lemonade stand and have them learn about entrepreneurship, profit and loss, and customer service.

Stock Market Game: Create a pretend stock market and have children invest pretend money in different stocks. This will help them learn about risk and return, diversification, and the importance of research.

Online Financial Literacy Games: Many websites offer online games that teach children about money management and financial literacy. Some popular options include Financial Football, Peter Pig’s Money Counter, and The Mint.

Money Jars: Give children three jars labeled “spend,” “save,” and “give.” Whenever they receive money, encourage them to divide it up into the jars according to their priorities.

DIY Board Games: Have children create their own board games that incorporate money management skills, such as budgeting, saving, and investing.

There are many fun and creative ways to teach children about financial literacy through games. By incorporating these games into their playtime, you can help children develop important money skills that will benefit them for a lifetime!

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