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3 Reasonably Affordable Home Improvements that Will Add Value to Your Home

April 20, 2021

Bathroom Updates

According to a HomeAdvisor Survey, redoing a bathroom is the most popular planned renovation project in 2021.

Making an important room more comfortable, efficient and/or practical makes a lot of sense and can be a really nice selling point.

Up-to-date toilets, faucets and showerheads are not only nice to look at but also can conserve water and help lower operating costs.

The cost of a full bathroom remodel averaged around $13,401 last year, according to the Home Advisors True Cost Report, however this is cheaper than redoing a kitchen, which averages more than $35,000.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to rip out tile or add all new fixtures to give your bathroom a face-lift. In fact, 26% of sellers make improvements to their bathrooms before selling, and they can be simple fixes. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Replace the vanity lights for a more updated look
  • Replace the mirror
  • Replace faucets
  • Re-caulk or re-glaze the tub instead of replacing the whole tub itself
  • Re-grout
  • Tiled surfaces such as flooring or showers often develop missing or stained grout. If cleaning just isn’t doing it anymore, re-grouting the surface can make it look brand new again.

Interior Painting

One of the cheapest ways to transform a room is to use paint. Think about painting a few walls, cabinets, or even your baseboards to give your space a whole new look or new feel. Baseboards take a lot of abuse, and over time they get worn. If your baseboards are still in reasonable condition, sand them down, and give them new life with a new coat of paint. You can even use paint to add curb appeal by painting your front door. Many paint stores offer deals every so often, so make sure to keep an eye out for these if you want to save even more on the paint.

If you are thinking of painting with selling your home in the near future, be careful with the colors you choose. When a potential buyer is walking through a home they generally are picturing their items in the home, so it’s best to look for neutral tones that blend nicely with any style.  The same can be said of exterior painting.

According to the Zillow Group Report, 36% of sellers paint their home’s interior before selling.

Update Flooring

Replacing worn out carpet, wood or tile with new flooring will make your home feel more comfortable, but also can make it more attractive when it’s time to sell.

The average cost to replace your home flooring is $4,680. According to, in 2019 homes that had hardwood floors sold for 2.5% more than homes with other types of flooring, and provided a ROI between 70% – 80%.  Faux wood flooring or even laminate are also shown to be more desirable than carpet.

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