Contactless Cards

Experience the speed of tapping with the security of chip technology!

  • Faster Checkouts – From grabbing take-out to filling the tank – if you see the contactless symbol, just Tap & Go.
  • Greater Security – Built-in chip security and Zero Liability protection* bring peace of mind to every tap of your Bank Five Nine Mastercard.
  • Germ-free Alternative – Only you touch your card at checkout, minimizing the spread of germs.

Tap & Go in three simple steps:


1. Look for the contactless symbol anywhere you shop for a fast, secure and convenient purchase experience

2. Tap your contactless Bank Five Nine Mastercard at the top of the terminal when you’re ready to pay

3. Mastercard doesn’t require a signature at checkout, but merchants may still ask for it

Contact Us

For any questions regarding the update, please call us at 888.569.9909 or email us at

*Certain terms, conditions and exclusions apply.  Learn more about Zero Liability.  Contact your issuing financial institution for complete coverage terms and conditions, or call 1-800-MASTERCARD for assistance.  Applicable to U.S. cardholders only.  Valid for Bank Five Nine Mastercard.

Mastercard and Tap & Go are registered trademarks, and the circle design is a trademark, of Mastercard International Incorporated.