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Holi-Days Of Giving

View 2020’s receipients here: Holi-days of Giving 2020

Grant A Holiday Wish!

Nominate yourself or someone you love to receive a special gift during our Holi-Days of Giving.

It’s easy:
  1. Make a nomination. Download a PDF version here, or fill it out online.
  2. Tell us who should receive a little extra holiday cheer and why.
  3. Submit your nomination online, or give it to a Bank Five Nine employee by November 15, 2020.

For more information, call, or drive thru your local branch today!

By submitting a nomination, you are allowing Bank Five Nine to use your likeness and details of the nomination in future promotional materials as it relates to the Holi-Days of Giving event. Gifts will not exceed $500 in value per nomination chosen. Bank Five Nine reserves the right to cancel any gift at any time.