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Budget Friendly Easter Basket Ideas

March 23, 2023

Homemade treats: Instead of buying expensive pre-made treats, consider making your own Easter-themed snacks like Rice Krispie treats or homemade cookies.

Dollar store finds: Head to your local dollar store to find inexpensive Easter basket fillers like small toys, stickers, and coloring books.

Art supplies: Fill your child’s Easter basket with art supplies like crayons, markers, and paint sets. You can often find these items at discount stores or in bulk online.

Books: Consider filling your child’s Easter basket with a few age-appropriate books. Check out your local library or thrift store for gently used books at a fraction of the cost of new ones. (Sometimes you can even find brand new books there as well!)

Outdoor toys: With the arrival of spring, outdoor toys like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and jump ropes are perfect additions to any Easter basket.

DIY craft kits: Create your own Easter-themed craft kits using materials like pipe cleaners, felt, and pom poms. You can find instructions for simple crafts online and put together the supplies yourself.

Instead of buying pre-made Easter grass for the basket, make your own by shredding colorful paper. This is a great way to save money and create a unique look for each basket. You can use old newspapers, magazines, or even tissue paper to create your Easter grass.

Personalized items: Consider adding a personal touch to your child’s Easter basket by including items like a personalized water bottle or a customized t-shirt.

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