Wire Origination

Sending money from point A to point B is quick and easy when you use Wire Manager. And as a business, that’s what you really want, right?

Key Advantages of Wire Manager

  • Streamline the process of initiating outgoing domestic or foreign wires (in US currency) by sending them through Commercial Online Banking.
  • Enter wire information after hours for next business day processing.
  • Receive substantial wire fee discounts when originating wires through Wire Origination.
  • Send wires from home or from the office.

How Does Wire Manager Work?

  • Increase security of outgoing wires by utilizing dual control.  One authorized employee can initiate a wire, but a second authorized employee must approve it before it comes to the bank.
  • Search financial institutions using only routing number, bank name or location information when creating a wire transfer template.
  • For dual control users, create and save new wire information as a template for future use.
  • Utilize pre-established templates for recurring wires.  Simply input the date and the amount then click submit.
  • Receive notifications for wire confirmations, errors, and template review.

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Wire Origination User Guide

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