The National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) establishes the standards and rules followed by financial institutions for transferring payments. Together, we make billions of transactions safe and secure every year. Please read on to learn more.

ACH Return And NOC Reference Guide

ACH Authorizations:
Authorization Requirements for Consumer (PPD) Transactions
Debit Entry Authorization

  • Must be in writing and signed or similarly authenticated
  • Needs to be easily identified as an authorization and state the term clearly (amount and timing of debits)
  • Must state how the Consumer can revoke the authorization
  • A copy of the authorization must be provided to the Consumer
  • You must be able to make a copy of the authorization available to First Bank Financial Centre upon request

Credit Entry Authorization

  • Authorization is not required to be in writing but you may choose to get an authorization in writing. Please note – Bank Five Nine highly recommends that credit authorizations be obtained.
  • Authorizations must be securely retained.

Authorization Requirements for Commercial (CCD) Transactions

  • A written agreement must be in place between you and the other company
  • Agreements do not have a specific format requirement but you must obtain the Receiving Companies agreement to be bound by NACHA Operating Rules
  • Trading Partner Agreements should contain authorization requirements and procedures as agreed upon by the parties

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