NOC Reference Guide

A Notification of Change (NOC) is a non-dollar entry transmitted by a Receiving Depository Financial Institution (RDFI) to notify you that information contained within an entry is erroneous and/or has become outdated and must be changed.
The ACH Rules require your company to make the requested changes within 6 banking days of the receipt of the NOC or prior to the initiation of another ACH entry. Notification of changes will be sent to all ACH users via secure email.

C01Incorrect account numberChange the Receiver’s account number record.
C02Incorrect routing numberChange the Receiver’s financial institution routing number.
C03Incorrect routing number & incorrect account number Change the Receiver’s financial institution routing number and account number.
C05Incorrect transaction codeChange the account type.
C06Incorrect account number & incorrect transaction codeChange the Receiver’s account number and account type.
C07Incorrect routing number, account number & transaction codeChange the Receiver’s financial institution routing number, account number, and account type.
C09Incorrect individual identification numberChange the individual ID number.
C13Addenda format errorReview the formatting in the Addenda Record that accompanied the original Entry Detail Record to determine errors and make corrections using only American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards or NACHA endorsed banking conventions.
22Credit to a checking account.
27Debit to a checking account.
32Credit to a savings account.
37Debit to a savings account.

Important Note: Failure to respond to NOC’s may result in additional fees.