Request Overdraft Protection for Business

Request Overdraft Protection for Business Use this form to request overdraft protection be added to your business account. You must be a signer on the account which funds are transferred from to be eligible to complete overdraft protection enrollment.
Requests will be reviewed within 1 business day and are subject to verification. By submitting this request, I am authorizing Bank Five Nine ("Bank") to transfer and deposit these funds in my/our checking account number listed below, when my/our checking account balance falls below $0.00. The amount, which can be transferred, shall be equal to the deficit amount in your checking account. In addition, other account service charges for a minimum balance requirement may apply. In addition, I/we agree to maintain a sufficient balance in my/our savings or checking account to cover the transfers requested by the above authorization. If the balances in my/our savings/checking account are insufficient to cover the transfers authorized, the amount that is available in the account will be transferred, and the outstanding balance will be considered overdrawn. This may bring the account that funds are transferred from to a zero balance which may cause fees to that account. The Bank may terminate this authorization immediately, without notice and otherwise exercise its rights and remedies under applicable law, and the rules and regulations of the Bank governing savings and checking accounts. This includes returning checks unpaid and closing the checking and savings account by mailing a proper notice. I also agree to abide by the account rules and regulations established by the Bank governing checking and savings accounts and all amendments thereto, as stated on the account disclosure. For any reason, other than the one specified in paragraph two above, the Bank or any account signer may cancel this authorization upon written notice. Such notice shall be effective immediately, when mailed or delivered by the Bank, or when given by any one of the undersigned to the bank, effective upon receipt by the Bank. If you have Overdraft Protection services in place, the Bank will pay items first against the Bank (if authorized from another account) and second consider payment of these items as a purely discretionary courtesy.