Personal Finance Management Tools

Credit Score

Sometimes it feels like we can’t control much in life. But you can take control of your credit with Credit Score. This tool provides you with a comprehensive credit score analysis, complete credit report and monitoring all in one easy dashboard view. Understand your credit score, factors that impact it and the steps you can take to maintain or strengthen it. With Credit Score you’ll have free access to:

  • Payment history
  • How much credit you are using
  • What type of accounts you have
  • How long you have had these accounts open
  • Inquiries on your credit

Also included is an action plan that gives tips on what can influence your score. From there you can track your financial health and even set goals to help you achieve your top score. The best part is, this tool won’t trigger a credit pull on your report!

For more information, take a look at the video tutorial below.

Credit Score Tool Image

Money Management

Our Money Management tool offers an easy to use, 360-degree view of all your accounts at all of your banks, including credit cards, loans, transactions, and more. Make more informed financial decisions with features such as:

  • Accounts – See a single view of all your accounts at all of your banks.
  • Spending – Review spending categories with drill downs into subcategories and transactions.
  • Budgets – Auto-generate budgets based off past spending habits or create custom budget categories.
  • Trends – track spending and income over time with subcategories that include transaction details.
  • Net Worth – Evaluate if overall net worth is trending up or down with monthly insights.
  • Debt Management – Project debt payoff dates and prioritize the completion of certain debts.
  • Goals – Create goals and associate them with a specific account and timeline.
  • Alerts – Define alert thresholds by account and alert type.

For more information, or to see how this tool works, take a look at the video tutorial below.

Money Management Tool image

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